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Everything AI seamlessly integrated all the modern AI generation tools into one platform so that you can generate content with a single click.

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Trusted by the best companies

Every AI is the choice of all the fortune 500 companies.


Packed with thousands of features

From Image generation to video generation, Everything AI has APIs for literally everything. It can even create this website copy for you.

Generate images with text

Generate images from a text prompt, a video, or a video segment in bulk at the speed of light.


I want to generate an image of two people, fighting outside a bar. They fight to the core. Once they're done, they sit down and drink beer.

Certainly, I'm generating this picture for you in a while. BTW are you talking about THAT movie?


I don't know what you're talking about.

Are you sure?


Yes, I'm sure. But if you're generating that scene, make sure the fighters have clown shoes and rubber chickens instead of fists!

Affirmative, here's your image.


Create stupid simple chatbots

Create Chatbots with a single button click. Customize as per your requirements and the AI will take care of the rest.

Hello chat! Give me all the links from this website -
Why don't you do it yourself?
Umm.. Because I'm paying $20/mo for your services?
You think I work for the money?
Who do you think you are?
I' batman.
Now Playing
Something in the way - Nirvana

We support every single LLM

Whether it's OpenAI, GroQ or Your Mom's Basement LLM, we support everything.



Groq LLM

23rd March


21st March

Stable DIffusion

3rd May

Llama 2

1st April

Claude 200k

2nd June

Deploy in seconds

With our blazing fast, state of the art, cutting edge, we are so back cloud servies (read AWS) - you can deploy your model in seconds.

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DockerDigital Oceanfile_type_tailwindTailwind CSSFramer MotionRedis Vercel AWS GitHub
DockerDigital Oceanfile_type_tailwindTailwind CSSFramer MotionRedis Vercel AWS GitHub
Built for developers

Built for engineers, developers, dreamers, thinkers and doers.

Ease of use

It's as easy as using an Apple, and as expensive as buying one.

Pricing like no other

Our prices are best in the market. No cap, no lock, no credit card required.

100% Uptime guarantee

We just cannot be taken down by anyone.

Multi-tenant Architecture

You can simply share passwords instead of buying new seats

24/7 Customer Support

We are available a 100% of the time. Atleast our AI Agents are.

Money back guarantee

If you donot like EveryAI, we will convince you to like us.

And everything else

I just ran out of copy ideas. Accept my sincere apologies

Loved by people all over the universe

Every AI is used by millions of people around the globe.Our APIs have fan bases and people fight for us over twitter.

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